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Current and Voltages

We are proud to do say that we could complete the current and voltage projects from materials supplements to the turnkey level.

Energy Transmission and Electricity Distribution Lines    
Tower Design, line survey,  EIS (Environmental Impact Study) reports and turnkey supply and erection of 34 kV, 154 kV and 380 kV energy transmission lines. We can accommodate and install a variety of galvanized steel structures and state of the art tower designs, together with the installation of the line equipment, wire stringing and related accessories.
Anything from the sitting, feasibility studies and the preliminary designs to the development and commissioning with outstanding schedule and a cost controlled budget.

Committed initiative and dedicated staff devoted to turnkey substation projects. We provide complete transmission – distribution substation designs; construction management; control and automation systems; supply and installation of transformers and accessories; supply and installation of steel structures; switching, controlling and voltage step down equipment; protection and automation systems; system reliability analysis;  relay coordination; upgrades of existing stations; consultancy services; testing and commissioning.

Current and Voltages

Our products group

  • Low Voltage Switchgear Products: Open Type Circuit Breakers, Compact Switches,Wi-Automata, Earth Leakage Current Protection Devices, Contactors, Soft starters, Motor Protection Switches, Thermal Relays, Blade Fuses, Load Cutters, Button and Signal Lamps etc.
  • Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Compensation Products: Capacitors, Reactive Power Control Relays, Harmonic Solution Filters, Discharge Coils etc.
  • Measuring Instruments: Electronic or mechanical counters, ammeters, voltmeters, wattmeters, varmeters, special measurement devices, energy analyzers etc.
  • Medium Voltage and High Voltage Power Transformers: Oil and dry type power distribution transformers and auxiliary accessories.
  • Low Voltage, Medium Voltage and High Voltage Measure-Protection Transformers: Oil or dry type current and voltage transformers.
  • Medium Voltage and High Voltage Breaker, Disconnector and Cells: SF6 Gas and vacuum cutters, Load Disconnectors, Normal Disconnectors, Modular Cells, Concrete Kiosk Cells, etc.
  • Low Voltage Main Distribution Panels: Lighting, Compensation, MCC etc.
  • Protection Equipment: Overcurrent relays, over-low-voltage relays, differential relays, warning relay combinations, etc.
  • Cables and Conductors: Low Voltage, Medium Voltage Power Cables (NYA, NYAF, NYM, NYMHY. NYFGbY, NYRY, XLPE), Telephone Cables (PDV, PD-PAP), Fire Cables, Control Cables, Data Cables, Aluminum and Steel Core Conductors, Copper Conductors and Busbars.
  • Also: Medium Voltage Fuses, Low – Medium Voltage Isolators, Insulation Products (Isolated collets, gloves, carpets, coffee tables, control pens, etc.), Lightning Rod Products, Grounding Products (Galvanized Strip and Plate, Copper Plate, Ground Rod, etc.), External and Internal Lighting Fixtures and Light Bulbs, Cable Trays and Ladders and Automation Products are also among the products supplied by our company.


Current and Voltages
Current and Voltages
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