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Simco Power & Line

Simco Power & Line is a major part of a cluster of companies dealing in energy industry with a multidisciplinary operation range including engineering, contracting, material and equipment supply and real-estate. The backbone of Simco is the extensive knowledge and qualifications of its Managers in Solar,Renewable, Energy,Petrolium foreign trade business accumlated over a 25 years hands-on expertise in these fields. The Natural outcome of joinning will and efforts under one roof is to achieve the status of a full solution provider in terms of materials supply, Projects turnkey capabilities.

The company serves new energy powering projects, renewabling projects by needed supervisions, materials distributers, public utlity authorities in a worldwide geographical scope. Besides standard products and services offered, the company adopted the mission of identifying, promoting and supplying new technologies and products which prove to have serious comparative advantages to alternatives commonly used.

Simco is also meanwhile working on several projects in Turkey-Sudan-Somali. While having a diversified and wide range of fields related to its main scope of work, Simco is specifically focusing its operations horizontally on Power & Energy domain in addition to responding to specific requirements of its clients and partners.

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